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Dr.AI Health Voice Assistant: Dialogue Beyond Imagination! A Revolutionary Launch (Powered by Dr.AI)

Got health issues? Get answers at home! The revolutionary voice assistant "Dr.AI" is here to transform your health management experience. Instantly ask questions and get precise answers. Available in multiple languages including Chinese, English, and Japanese!

Gemtek announces its entry into the AI healthcare field, showcasing the latest WiFi 7 AI Router with built-in "Dr.AI" voice assistant at Computex. This router combines Wi-Fi 7, 5G, and XGSPON fiber technologies to provide high-speed, stable internet connections and professional health consultation management. Through voice interaction, users can receive personalized and accurate health management plans, making it easy to address health issues from the comfort of your home!

►The "Dr.AI" voice assistant is powered by Dr.AI technologies from IntoWell Biomedical Technology. Visit the online Dr.AI platform at https://www.draiai.com/tw/ to register for a trial.

►News source: Liberty Times https://ec.ltn.com.tw/article/breakingnews/4689909


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