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Revolutionize your AI journey with Dr.AI's video guide! Tailored treatments via ai-driven diagnosis for patient care.

Dear Esteemed Healthcare Professionals,

I hope this note finds you in good health. I am Clarence Liao, with a background in gastroenterology spanning three decades in hospital and private practice. Along with my team, we are dedicated to enhancing healthcare accessibility, efficiency, and patient focus through innovation.

We are introducing Dr.AI, a synthesis of technology and medical knowledge aimed at improving healthcare services. Our goal with Dr.AI is to eliminate obstacles in accessing healthcare, inspired by the principles of organizations like Doctors Without Borders.

Dr.AI is available at no cost to healthcare workers and the public in underdeveloped areas, aligning with our philosophy that 'Sharing is Caring.' Created by IntoWell Biomedical Technology, Dr.AI equips health professionals with accurate medical analyses and advice, making top-tier healthcare accessible.

By integrating Dr.AI into your practice, you can expect enhancements in:

Inpatient Care:
- Streamlines admission notes, orders, and progress notes.
- Incorporates strategies for pharmacotherapy and cancer treatment.
- Provides automated, precise clinical pathways.

Outpatient Care:
- Manages SOAP notes, nursing notes, and meeting summaries.
- Employs MedicalScribe for voice-to-text conversion and transcription.
- Simplifies patient interactions and automates treatment protocols.

We invite you to join us in this mission to achieve global healthcare accessibility. Adopting Dr.AI represents a step towards making healthcare a universal right. 

Discover what Dr. AI can bring to your practice at: https://professionals.draiai.com/
For an introduction and guide to Dr. AI, please visit: https://www.draiai.com/professionals/

Let's work together to create a lasting difference.

Warm regards,

Clarence C. Liao, MD
CEO, IntoWell Biomedical Technology Inc.

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