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Embracing the Future, Transforming Healthcare for Professionals
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The future of Healthcare is here now,
woven into the very fabric of our medical systems through advanced Artificial Intelligence.

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Combing the Best of AI Technologies:
The Dr.AI Promise

Analyzing Vast Amounts of Data

Sift through medical histories, lab results, and clinical notes with unparalleled speed and precision.

Quality Assurance

Spot potential errors in medical reporting to ensure the highest level of patient care.

Predictive Health Metrics

Proactively identify health risks and complications, allowing for preemptive action.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Create highly customized treatment strategies that cater to individual patient needs.

Enhanced Collaboration

Share a unified, up-to-date view of patient records among all members of a healthcare team.

Streamlined Workflows

Free up your valuable time by automating routine tasks, enabling you to focus more on patient care.

Evidence-Based Practice

Receive updated clinical guidelines and recommendations to ensure your practice aligns with current research.

Dr.AI is the Way Forward for Healthcare Professionals

Multi-Language Support

With the ability to operate in 38 languages, Dr.AI is a global solution designed for healthcare professionals around the world. Whether you’re in a bustling city hospital or a remote clinic, Dr.AI has you covered.

A Balance of Technology and Humanity

While Dr.AI harnesses the transformative power of AI, it in no way seeks to replace the essential human elements of empathy, understanding, and the nuanced judgment that healthcare professionals bring to their work. Rather, it aims to be a trusted partner, augmenting your skills and improving patient outcomes.

Always Learning, Always Improving

Dr.AI is designed to evolve continually. Each patient encounter contributes to its ever-growing knowledge base, refining its analytical algorithms and ensuring that you are always at the cutting edge of healthcare delivery.

360-Degree Healthcare

From admission notes to discharge plans, Dr.AI provides a comprehensive evaluation, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. When you use Dr.AI, you're not just adopting a tool; you're embracing a revolution in healthcare.

Dr.AI Priced Your Way

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for 3 months
Sign up and instantly receive 300 credits!
  • 300 credits for use
  • 3-month trial period
  • 6 months of data preservation



for 1 year
Begin experimenting with 300 credits over the course of a year.
  • 300 credits for use
  • 1-year validity
  • 18 months of data preservation
  • Includes data recovery Available upon credit refill



for 1 year
For more flexibility, start experimenting with 600 credits over a one-year span.
  • 600 credits for use
  • 1-year validity
  • 18 months of data preservation
  • Includes data recovery Available upon credit refill
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per month
Unlimited access tailored for healthcare professionals.
  • Unlimited credits
  • 18 months of data preservation
  • Includes data recovery Available upon credit refill
  • Limitation: 40 serial queries will pause analysis for 3 hours
  • About Credits: Dr.AI operates on a unique credit system, designed to offer flexibility and control over your healthcare analysis needs. Each credit represents a unit of service within Dr.AI, such as a detailed medical evaluation or a personalized health assessment. With various plans, including a free trial and tiered subscriptions, users can choose the amount of credits best suited to their requirements. The 'Free Trial' offers 300 credits for a 3-month period, ideal for those new to Dr.AI. The 'Basic' and 'Plus' plans provide 300 and 600 credits respectively, each valid for a year, catering to regular users. For healthcare professionals demanding extensive usage, the 'Premium' plan offers unlimited credits. This system ensures that Dr.AI remains accessible and adaptable to diverse healthcare needs.
  • Data Preservation: Data preservation is a cornerstone of Dr.AI's commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable healthcare experience. Depending on the chosen subscription plan, Dr.AI offers data preservation ranging from 6 to 18 months. This feature ensures that your medical data, analyses, and health assessments are securely stored and retrievable during the preservation period. The 'Free Trial' includes 6 months of data preservation, suitable for short-term users. For more prolonged engagement, both 'Basic' and 'Plus' plans extend data preservation to 18 months, coupled with data recovery options available upon credit refill. The 'Premium' plan, tailored for healthcare professionals, also includes 18 months of data preservation with recovery options. This commitment to data safety and longevity empowers users with continuous access to their health information, enhancing the overall healthcare journey with Dr.AI.

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