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Explore how Dr. AI seamlessly incorporates Admission notes, Progress notes, SOAP notes to offer unparalleled support to healthcare professionals with AI-driven diagnosis across 12 medical disciplines in 38 languages.

Dr. AI Spearheads Global Healthcare Revolution with AI-Driven Diagnosis

December 7, 2023
Reporter Zhuang Minyue, Reporting from Taipei (Yahoo News)

On December 7th, IntoWell Biomedical Technology introduced Dr. AI, an innovative online medical platform, heralding a new era in healthcare. With a vision to create an equitable medical environment worldwide, Dr. AI advocates for 'Sharing is Caring,' striving to provide basic medical rights and services, particularly for potential future use by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) - Doctors Without Borders

Dr. AI transcends traditional medical boundaries, offering unparalleled support to medical professionals through advanced AI analysis. Leveraging AI-driven diagnosis, Dr. AI provides accurate insights across 12 medical disciplines, enhancing medical decision-making and ensuring optimal patient care.

Equipped with support for 38 languages, Dr. AI becomes an intelligent partner for medical professionals worldwide, ensuring seamless task execution across diverse linguistic contexts. Dr. AI showcases formidable analytical capabilities, automating medical record collection and analysis to enhance efficiency in AI medicine. It efficiently handles vast examination data, providing comprehensive diagnostic analyses and clinical recommendations within minutes.

Dr. Liao Chien-Chung and Chen Hung-Wen collaborated to transform IntoWell Biomedical's analysis software into the powerful AI platform, Dr. AI. More than just a technological innovation, Dr. AI serves as a crucial bridge between medical professionals and patients, fostering collaboration and understanding in AI healthcare. Dr. AI remains steadfast in its commitment to patient care, recognizing the importance of the human touch in AI-driven healthcare.

Join the AI medical revolution with Dr. AI. Visit https://professionals.draiai.com/ to explore further and contribute to the transformative journey in healthcare.

Discover the power of Dr. AI Expert Edition:

● Admission Note
● Admission Order
● Progress Note
● SOAP Note
● Pharmacotherapy
● Cancer Strategy
● Any Questions

Embrace the future of medical treatment with Dr. AI Expert Edition's unique advantages:

● Advanced data analysis capabilities
● Quality control assurance
● Proactive health indicator predictions
● Personalized treatment plans
● Streamlined medical care assistance
● Evidence-based medicine recommendations

Bridging Borders in Healthcare: Navigating the New Era with Dr.AI

Meet Dr.AI, your revolutionary AI platform engineered specifically for healthcare professionals.

Dr.AI is Seeking its Master: Your 24/7 AI Healthcare Partner

Unlock the future of healthcare with Dr.AI, the ultimate AI-powered platform designed for medical professionals.

Dr.AI is the Way Forward for Healthcare Professionals

Multi-Language Support

With the ability to operate in 38 languages, Dr.AI is a global solution designed for healthcare professionals around the world. Whether you’re in a bustling city hospital or a remote clinic, Dr.AI has you covered.

A Balance of Technology and Humanity

While Dr.AI harnesses the transformative power of AI, it in no way seeks to replace the essential human elements of empathy, understanding, and the nuanced judgment that healthcare professionals bring to their work. Rather, it aims to be a trusted partner, augmenting your skills and improving patient outcomes.

Always Learning, Always Improving

Dr.AI is designed to evolve continually. Each patient encounter contributes to its ever-growing knowledge base, refining its analytical algorithms and ensuring that you are always at the cutting edge of healthcare delivery.

360-Degree Healthcare

From admission notes to discharge plans, Dr.AI provides a comprehensive evaluation, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. When you use Dr.AI, you're not just adopting a tool; you're embracing a revolution in healthcare.

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  • 18 months of data preservation
  • Includes data recovery Available upon credit refill



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  • 18 months of data preservation
  • Includes data recovery Available upon credit refill
  • Limitation: 40 serial queries will pause analysis for 3 hours
  • About Credits: Dr.AI operates on a unique credit system, designed to offer flexibility and control over your healthcare analysis needs. Each credit represents a unit of service within Dr.AI, such as a detailed medical evaluation or a personalized health assessment. With various plans, including a free trial and tiered subscriptions, users can choose the amount of credits best suited to their requirements. The 'Free Trial' offers 300 credits for a 3-month period, ideal for those new to Dr.AI. The 'Basic' and 'Plus' plans provide 300 and 600 credits respectively, each valid for a year, catering to regular users. For healthcare professionals demanding extensive usage, the 'Premium' plan offers unlimited credits. This system ensures that Dr.AI remains accessible and adaptable to diverse healthcare needs.
  • Data Preservation: Data preservation is a cornerstone of Dr.AI's commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable healthcare experience. Depending on the chosen subscription plan, Dr.AI offers data preservation ranging from 6 to 18 months. This feature ensures that your medical data, analyses, and health assessments are securely stored and retrievable during the preservation period. The 'Free Trial' includes 6 months of data preservation, suitable for short-term users. For more prolonged engagement, both 'Basic' and 'Plus' plans extend data preservation to 18 months, coupled with data recovery options available upon credit refill. The 'Premium' plan, tailored for healthcare professionals, also includes 18 months of data preservation with recovery options. This commitment to data safety and longevity empowers users with continuous access to their health information, enhancing the overall healthcare journey with Dr.AI.

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